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About iBusiness suite

INI TECHNOLOGIES offers the next generation ERP Software with GST Support, granting world wide integration of your business processes & functions among the business stake holders.


iBusiness Suite ERP Software Solution meets all the processes in any organization whether Small, Medium or Large with integrated Financials. It is powered by effective work flow and runs as core centralized application which uses browser as user interface.  iBusiness Suite offers GST Support

When every other ERP Works on traditional platforms our ERP Software Solution runs on 3rd generation web technology , that support cloud based ERP solutions like private/Public clouds,and integration of modes of communication like Data , Voice and Video. It's mobile friendly and ensures easy access from Smart Phone and Tablets even in mobility for the authorized users.

It is Green! End to end communications ,approvals and documentations being online, assures paperless functioning of the entire organization as paper-less, so it saves nature too.

The effective customizable dash board enhances productivity and it's easy drill down feature allows quick access of data at the transactional level with a few clicks.

Our ERP assures High Level Data Security and Integrity with features of access control and encryption algorithms.

Key Features of iBusiness Suite ERP
Role based Access Control

Supports role based access control for the internal users and that enables privacy and also data security.

Dash Boards

iBusiness Suite has its user friendly dash boards for all Cadres (Top Management | Middle Management | Executives). The powerful dash board can provide organized data in graphical representations based on parameters like importance ,ageing etc. it increase production unit of the organization.

Flavors of iBusiness Suite

We have different flavors of ERP to support business vertical like, Manufacturing, Trading and Service

Editions of iBusiness Suite

We have different low cost ERP packages of iBusiness Suite to cater to the various segments SE- Small Enterprise Edition, ME Medium Enterprise Edition and CE - Corporate Enterprise edition.